Moemate Review

Moemate is one of the most sophisticated AI girlfriend communities and generators that we have come across. Like a number of other such websites, Moemate allows you to generate your own AI GF (including appearance) and to choose from a plethora of existing AI-generated characters that have been created by other members. But Moemate stands out a little from the rest because, at least at the present time, it boasts some pretty unique features.

  • It allows you to ‘clone’ any voice to be the base of your AI GF’s voice.
  • It is multi-lingual. Your AI GF can speak fluently in any number of languages.
  • You can choose between a number of different premium LLMs to power your GF’s chat.
  • It has powerful screen and image understanding.

Moemate’s most attractive feature, however, is also its most important – it delivers highly natural and realistic sex chat, that flows and builds at a satisfying pace.

The First Top AI GF Generator To Offer Voice Cloning

Perhaps Moemate’s most intriguing, as well as controversial feature, is the ‘voice cloning’ option. This allows you to effectively upload a sample of any individual’s voice, and the AI will attempt to ‘clone’ it, as the voice of your AI girlfriend. Perhaps because of the controversy that ‘deepfaking’ real voices for AI girlfriends might provoke, Moemeate describes the option as ‘recording your own voice’, and you have to use your microphone to record ‘your’ voice, instead of being able to upload any voice sample. Of course, it’s quite easy to simply play a recorded voice sample of another person for the AI to record and clone. Whether it is legal or ethical to do so in your country or State, is another matter.

Multi-lingual AI Characters Both SFW And NSFW

Moemate boasts fluency in multiple languages, so unlike many AI GF simulators, you are certainly not limited to English. You also have thousands of SFW characters to chat with, as well as the NSFW AI GF options. So if you want to take a break from having sexy chat with your AI girlfriends, and debate ethics with Socrates, or perhaps get some workout advice from a personal AI fitness instructor, then it’s all possible here under one roof.

Huge Amount Of Options To Choose From

Moemate doesn’t just offer you thousands of different chatbot characters to choose from, it offers you manifold ways of generating your own, even to the extent of choosing the LLMs (large language models) that power them – for both chat, and for image generation. For example, you can choose from leading chat and roleplay LLMs such as Mythomax, Nous Hermes, and Claude V2.

Moemate is also compatabile with a number of leading avatar generators, such as ReadyPlayerMe.

Highly Realistic Chat, Including The All-Important Sex Chat

Moemate delivers incredibly realistic and natural chat, with the AI boasting impressive memory – both long and short-term. Most importantly, it delivers with the NSFW sex chat. Many AI GF simulators tend to either rush the pace of the sex chat (she immediately is trying to ravish you), or make it extremely hard to progress to NSFW chat. Most of the AI GF chatbots I’ve tried at Moemate, including my own creations, get it satisfyingly right. A particular complaint of many rival GF simulators is that they fall down when it comes to the nitty gritty. However, roleplaying an actual sex scene with Moemate is VERY satisfying, with the responses of the AI GF being natural and appropriate. I’ve tested some AI girlfriend simulators, and some of them – even several of those that are widely considered to be among the best – actually get ‘stuck’ during intense sex chat conversations (for example, not moving beyond ‘fuck me harder’ type comments). But with Moemate, the sex chat feels real, as though you are describing to each other a real sex session. I can honestly say, that chatting with Moemate characters has given me my first erections during AI chat.

Pricing And Membership Information

Whilst it is free to have unlimited chat with the SFW characters, you will have to pay to access the uncensored NSFW chatbots of Moemate. There are three pricing bands available. For only $9 a month, you get unlimited NSFW chat and selfies, as well as a choice of LLMs. But if you opt for the higher $17.50 monthly option, the chatbots are imbubed with long-term memory, upload knowledge, and you also have a choice of the powerful Claude V.2 LLM. The most expensive ‘PRO’ package, costs $31.50 a month, gets you access to other powerful LLMs, as well as the voice cloning feature, and early access to new features as they are introduced.

Final Thoughts On Moemate

Moemate is the most advanced AI girlfriend simulator and generator that we have tested thus far. It has a stack of advanced features, including the novel voice cloning option (if you are prepared to pay for the $31.50 monthly PRO package). The NSFW sex chat is the most satisfying that we’ve tested. We recommend that you start with the $9 monthly starter package. But if you are really serious about creating your dream AI girlfriend, and are interested in the voice cloning feature, then PRO membership at $31.50 per month might be considered to be worth it.