Soulgen Soul Chat Review

Soulgen, which is one of the top NSFW image generators, has become the latest to introduce AI GF generation and chat for paid members. It’s an interesting attempt to combine NSFW AI image generation with AI sex chat, and after some initial testing, I can say it has a different ‘feel’ to most dedicated AI GF apps and sites out there. Another interesting feature that sets it apart is that they have incorporated its ‘reface’ feature into the AI GF generation. It should be pointed out that at the time of this review (November 2023), Soulchat is still in beta testing, and will likely improve quite a lot over the coming weeks and months.

Over A Dozen Beautiful Female Characters To Get You Started

Soulchat currently has fifteen ready-made female characters, with near photorealistic appearances, and with quite complex personalities and backstories. Of those fifteen, fourteen are white, and another is white Hispanic. Their profile photos are highly realistic but not quite enough that you would be fooled into thinking they were real photos. This is unlike DreamGF, whose girls do often require a double check. However, the Soulchat girls certainly are all beautiful and pleasing enough.

Soulchat pre-made characters

Just as important as the quality of an AI GF’s profile image, is the quality and consistency of the selfies that you/she go on to generate as your relationship evolves. And as you might expect from arguably the top NSFW AI image generator online, this is where Soulgen/Soulchat scores very highly indeed.

Reface Option Allows You To Upload Any Photo To Create The Face Of Your AI Girlfriend

Although it is rather controversial, Soulgen’s ‘reface’ tech is the best in the world and probably its most popular feature. This allows you to upload a photo of anybody’s face and create a NSFW image of your choosing. Of course, the laws surrounding such NSFW uses of deepfake tech are changing all the time, and vary from state or country. No doubt this feature will be a popular one in Soulchat, where you could effectively turn any female celeb into you AI chat girlfriend, or perhaps soothe your broken heart by continuing an AI relationship with your ex-lover. However, at the time of publishing this review, it appears that there are no options to build your self-generated AI character’s personality. Whenever I’ve tried to create my own AI GF, rather than choose one of the existing characters, she comes with a personality pre-defined. Hopefully, that is something that Soulchat will change soon.

Chat Feature Is Natural And Realistic But Different To Most AI GF Chatbots

The AI girlfriend characters of Soulchat are imbued with impressive and highly convincing chat capabilities. Their responses do also accord pretty well with whichever personality you are chatting with. However, it’s a little different from many other sex chatbot services I’ve used. Firstly, each conversation with a character starts off in a specific scenario, even when it’s your own generated AI girlfriend. For example, I created an AI character with the image of my real girlfriend, and the conversation started off in a boardroom, with my AI GF apparently my boss leading me and others on a ‘team building’ session. Choosing a readymade character launches you into a scenario in tune with her personality and backstory. For example, after selecting the salsa dance tutor girlfriend, she started the conversation by suggesting we learn a dance move together when we both get home from work.

Secondly, the conversation tends to read as much like an erotic story as a conversation between two people. As well as the speech of your AI girlfriend, there is a lot of description too. For example :

She takes a sip of her drink and looks around, trying to act nonchalant but clearly interested in what you have to say. Well, it depends on what kind of relationship you’re referring to. As far as friends go, we get along pretty well. But if you meant something else… her cheeks flush slightly as she trails off, leaving the question hanging in the air.

So rather just a simple back and forth text exchange with your virtual girlfriend, the AI sex chat of Soulchat is more of an unfolding story that you can visualize and of course lead, with you and her at the center of it.

Pricing And Membership Information

Soulgen paid membership costs $9.99 for one month, and $69.99 for 12 months. With a paid membership you can both generate NSFW AI images (unblurred) and use the Soulchat AI girlfriend feature. However, you are limited to a certain amount of credit, and if you use up that credit before your monthly renewal you will have to pay for more credit to continue before the next monthly cycle begins. Soulchat is not available to free users, and the NSFW images generated for free are blurred.

Final Thoughts On Soulchat

Soulchat is an exciting development in AI girlfriend sex chat. It’s still in beta testing, and will improve a lot, but as it stands, it’s certainly worth paying for a membership to use it. This is particularly so if you want to also generate NSFW images, and if you are interested in using the reface feature.