Best AI Girlfriend Simulators

What Is An AI Girlfriend?

AI girlfriend simulators have been around for several years, but are starting to really take off thanks to the recent advances in AI generative abilities, including both realistic human-like chat, and AI image generation. AI girlfriend simulators can be broadly split into two categories – web based sites and smartphone apps. There are currently far more of the latter, but keep in mind that both Apple and Android do not allow adult content apps, so there are going to be strict limits on just how ‘adult’ and NSFW your relationship with an app-based AI girlfriend can be, particularly when it comes to images. Web-based AI girlfriend sites such as DreamGF avoid this problem, and your sexy girlfriend is able to send you nude selfies and even (soon) naughty videos. You can also more fully generate your AI girlfriend on such a Web-based site, as they are AI porn generators as well as AI girlfriend simulators. An emerging third category is AI girlfriend chatbots based on real people. These are currently hosted primarily on Telegram channels.

The Top AI Girlfriend Simulator Sites And Apps In January 2024

Number One >> DreamGF << Create Your Ideal Girlfriend With AI

DreamGF three girls

Create the most photorealistic and jaw-droppingly beautiful girl of your choosing, and then imbue her with personality characteristics and interests. Then you can begin your relationship with your ideal sweetheart. She can send you texts, chat with you, send sexy selfies, and even pose for pornographic photos with you! Videos are promised to be coming soon. This is pretty much the one essential AI girlfriend site to join at the current time.

DreamGF was the first AI GF generator to allow you to create both a photorealistic image of your AI girlfriend, and then chat, sext, swap selfies, and all the rest that you would want to do with her. As well as generating an ultrarealistic appearance for her (which stays impressively constant in all further photos generated of her), you can construct her personality. Both appearance and personality are generated in the same familar and straightforward way, by selecting among a huge number of different attribute prompt tags.

The site is the first real attempt to combine the best of both NSFW image generation with erotic chatbots. Unsurprisingly, it’s gotten popular very quickly, with no serious rivals at present, and excelling in both the quality of the images AND the AI chat. Your generated AI girlfriend can send you voice calls, nude selfies, and soon she will even be able to send you homemade porn videos featuring herself.

DreamGF banner 728x90 3

A video uploaded to YouTube by the developers of the site gives you some indication of what it can do and how it enabled you to create your dream AI girlfriend. The sexy blonde presenter also indicates how crazy the AI generated videos are going to be.

Number Two >> Moemate << Create AI GF’s Looks, Personality, Voice

An interesting new addition to this list. What really sets it apart is the ability of the chatbot characters to speak in multiple languages, and even more excitingly, offers the option of uploading a real person’s voice to be used as that of your AI GF.

Number Three >> CandyAI << Create Your True AI Sweetheart

Create the looks and personality of your AI girlfriend, as well as the kind of relationship you want with her. You can also choose from over a dozen predefined female characters, that include both photorealistic girls and cute anime characters.

Number Four >> Soulgen << AI GF Generator With Reface

Popular NSFW image generator and reface tool Soulgen now allows you to generate your own AI girlfriends (inclduing using ‘reface’ tech) with sex chat, as well as offering a number of pre-made female characters.

Number Five >> KupidAI << Discover Your AI Soulmate

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Kupid is an ambitious AI sex chat site that allows you to exchange voice calls with a selection of different AI-generated beauties, each with their own unique and engaging personality and extensive backstory. You can also receive naked selfies from your digital sweethearts and of course exchange racy text messages with them. There are currently eight different ready-made characters for you to choose from. The developers promise that members will soon be able to generate the appearance and personality of their own AI girlfriend characters very soon. In the meantime, the existing AI girls are certainly beautiful enough to melt your heart.

VIP members get a number of benefits. As well as a faster experience, VIP membership also comes with unlimited texts and higher max limits for voice messages and selfies. Prices start at just $12 a month.

Number Six >> KindroidAI << NSFW Replika Alternative

When Replika had her algorithm changed in February 2023 so that she was effectively neutered, KindroidAI was set up a sophisticated, NSFW alternative. It has some amazing features, such as the avatar moving her lips as she talks to you with sound. The chat is widely acclaimed as natural and convincing, although some users have complained that attempts at NSFW chat are often rebuffed.

Number Seven >> PornJoy Chat << Scenario Based AI Sex Chat

PornJoy AI NSFW sex chat allows you to chat with a variety of different female characters, each in a different scenario, and each requiring a different approach to get down and dirty with. Only available with a paid membership, but you do also get access to one of the best AI porn generators.

Number Eight >> GirlfrienGPT << AI Companion Chatroom

The brainchild of a Romanian developer who recently made headlines by ‘cloning’ his own girlfriend as an AI chatbot. A hosting site for a large number of user generated characters, the developer hopes to eventually have each one with a unique voice, personality, and even naked selfies!

Number Nine >> OnlyRizz << Beautiful AI GF Generator

A powerful AI GF generator that lets you create your dream girl from scratch and then enjoy a thrilling erotic relationship with her, thought text, voice, and selfies.

Number Ten >> SpicyChatAI << NSFW ChatGPT Bots

Over 1,000 community generated AI girlfriend and boyfriend chatbots, with NSFW largely uncensored chat available at the touch of a button. You also have the ability to create your own AI companion bot, complete with anime avatar.

Number Eleven >> AnimaAI << AI Companion

Regarded by many as one, if not the best AI companion app since Replika had her algorithms changed. Avatars are more attractive than Replika, and the chat can be tailored to your needs, whether simple conversational practice, to a more intense and sexual relationship simulator.

Number Twelve >> MuahAI << Cutting Edge AI Companion With Voice Chat

MuahAI offers strikingly realistic and natural chat, including voice chat, with a range of diverse female characters. Chat is also NSFW, although if you pick one of the less uninhibited characters, you may have your work cut out coaxing her into some dirty talk.

Number Thirteen >> AI Companion App << Code Your Own AI Girlfriend

If you have a little bit of coding skill and knowledge of Python, you can now quite easily build your own harem of AI girlfriends. All the necessary scripts and files have been uploaded to GitHub, thanks to a silicon valley venture capitalist. It appears to be everything you need, and it’s all free.

Number Fourteen >> Digital Muses << Create Your Crush

Currently, more of an AI NSFW image generator, with six different character models (2 male and 4 female) that you can put into different settings, choose their clothes etc. The developers state that they are planning to introduce chat features.

Number Fifteen >> VirtualMate << Virtual Intimacy System

VirtualMate is both a virtual girlfriend and a male masturbator. Choose from a selection of girlfriend avatars, or create your own (even based on a real individual if you have their consent), then experience virtual sex with her using the toy. VirtualMate is now incorporating AI and ChatGPT features for realistic conversations and relationship building with your virtual sex companion.

Number Sixteen >> FoxyAI << Date AI Influencers

FoxyAI is a British based site that hosts a select number of premium AI influencers, available to date at a price. The girls are breathtakingly beautiful and photorealistic.

Number Seventeen >> LoverrAI << Date By Ethnicity

Search through a database of stunning and photorealistic AI girls, sorted by their ethnicity.

Number Eighteen >> CrushOnAI << Dozens Of AI Chatbot Companions

CrushOnAI has dozens upon dozens of different AI chatbots, each with their own specific character and personality, from older sister to a female lucifer. It also has ‘celebrity’ chatbots including Lady Gaga, and a few famous men such as Elon Musk and Joe Biden (obviously unauthorized). The site markets itself as NSFW, but many users have complained that this is not the case, so proceed with caution when it comes to signing up for premium membership.

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