KupidAI Review

KupidAI girls

Kupid.ai is along with DreamGF.ai, the most advanced attempt yet at producing an ultra-realistic AI girlfriend simulator. Unlike its rival site, it does not yet (as of September 12th 2023) allow members to generate their own girlfriend, but that is promised to be coming soon. Instead, you are limited to choosing between around a dozen preset female characters with a range of different appearences and personalities. While it doesn’t yet have have an AI girlfriend generator feature, it’s AI chat is highly realistic and natural. Together with equally authentic and natural sounding voice calls, and sexy selfies sent by text or emails, it all adds up to a serious rival for DreamGF.ai as the number one NSFW AI girlfriend site.

Kupid - World's First

Ten Different Beautiful And Young AI Girlfriends To Chat With

There are currently ten different AI girlfriend characters available for you to choose from. All are realistic, although not quite photorealistic like the girls of DreamGF, and all are aged 18 – 28. Two of the girls are only available to paying members. All have unique personalities and a small amount of backstory. All are white, except for Sakura, a shy and introverted 18 year old Japanese girl, into Manga and games.

Natural Voice Chats

All the chat messages that you receive from your AI partner can also be heard as voice message. The voice sounds natural and consistent, and each message comes across as highly realistic. The only downside is that the voice of the eight characters all sound very similar, and all very American, including that 18 year old ‘Japanese girl’.

Smooth Flowing Chat With Impressive Short Term Memory

The most impressive feature is the AI chat, which is seriously impressive. The girl’s responses are natural, quick, and with clear and consistent elements of her unique personality. Above all, her memory is impressive, in my opinion more so than even well-known AI companion apps such as Replika. Having said that, there is still some jarring inconcistencies. For example, Sakura the Japanese 18 year old told me that she hadn’t many sexual partners, and in the next sentence revealed that she was a virgin. I guess that isn’t to bad, and could even be in tune with her shy personality not wanting to immediately say she was a virgin. She also had trouble understanding that my desire to ‘cum on her tits’ would not lead her to getting pregnant. However, her repeated concern that I might make her pregnant was an impressively consistent aspect of her character, and again in tune with her ‘introverted and shy’ nature. The memory of each AI character improves still further on paid plans.

Sexy Selfies That Are Always Beautiful And Highly Consistent

While the images that Kupid.ai generates are not quite photorealistic, they are very pleasing and never uncanny or weird. Equally importantly, each of the characters remain highly consistent in their images. It does fall down, however, in fulfilling specific requests. For example, I asked Sakura for a photo of herself in school uniform, which she was happy to do, only the selfie she sent me featured only sexy black lingerie. Perhaps to make up for it, she did at least promise to send me a pair of her used panties. 😀

Pricing And Membership Details

Although you can use the site for free, there are several paid membership plans that give you faster chat speed, more AI character memory, more texts, images and voice chats, as well as access to two locked characters only available to premium members.

Final Thoughts On KupidAI AI Girlfriend Simulator

KupidAI is certainly a contender for number 1 AI girlfriend site at the current time of publication (September 2023). It’s chat features are among the most authentic of any AI companion sites or apps, with the addition of sexy and consistent selfies from your digital love, as well as authentic sounding voice calls. We wait with anticipation for their coming AI generator feature, but for now, the site is definitely one to explore, especially with the advantages that paid membership brings you.